How much does it cost?
A school day using our bikes costs $450. Using your own (BYOB), if applicable, is $375. Please click Book a school day for possible discounts.

Where and when do we meet? 
School runs 9AM to 5PM (unless otherwise noted)
Adams Motorsports Park
5292 24th Street, Riverside, CA 92509
Apex Racing Center
18700 Lake Perris Dr, Perris, CA 92571
Gate E

How long is the class? 
Meet at 9:00 am. We ride until you're exhausted! Generally we pack up around 5pm.

How many riders per school day? 
We are currently running class size at 4 students, so we can give individual feedback to each student per session.

Do I need any special gear?
Per track rules, you are required to have full protection gear. This means, a one piece leather suit, or two piece that zips together (textile with padding is ok). Riding (full gauntlet style preferred) gloves, boots (road racing), and full face helmet as well.

What should I bring?
Hydration (water and hydration tablets) will be provided. We suggest you bring a lunch and snacks. A note pad would also be very beneficial for notes.

What bike will I ride?
School bikes are Yamaha R3’s. They are the perfect lightweight, small displacement bikes that allow you to focus on increasing your attention, handling, body positioning, and techniques while on track.

What bike am I allowed to bring?
You can bring your own bike if it is a 450cc or smaller displacement bike.

What if I crash/damage the bike?
You will be responsible for damages up to $1,500. This includes labor, parts, and paint repair. You will need to pay for damages before continuing the day. We kit the bikes with crash protection to try and minimize damages and costs to the student. If there is damage to your helmet or were observed hitting your head, we will not allow you to continue to ride. We take possible head injuries VERY seriously. 

What if I need to reschedule/cancel?
You can receive a full refund if requested 14 days or more before your school day. If you need to cancel/reschedule within 14 to 2 days, the deposit/payment will be credited towards a future school day. If you need to cancel/reschedule within 48hours, you may be responsible for non-refundable track fees, and transportation costs, and any payments will be credited to future school day.

Will we ride in the rain?
We operate rain or shine. You may have to ride in the rain on public roads, so training in the wet can be a vital skillset to learn. If conditions are so bad, safety is determined to be an issue, a full or partial credit (depending on time spent before the stoppage) will be given towards a future school day.